How to use M Seal
MrNams Published on Jul 31, 2017

Link to buy from amazon: Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Hello friends, Hope you all doing well! In this video, I am going to show you, how to use m seal. I used M-SEAL to fix broken handle of wardrobe. Procedure: 1)Take m seal pack, remove resin base and hardener out of pack. 2)Take equal amount of resin base and hardener 3)Mix resin base and hardener with each other 4)Use this mixture, and apply it on broken handle 5)Wait around one hour, to let it hard And that’s it, broken handle is fixed. M seal is a fast curing epoxy compound, it seals, joints and fixes any kind of leaks. It is very use for filling dents and any other minor house hold problems. Read more about visit following site THANKS FOR WATCHING. If you enjoyed video, please do like, share and comment. Please SUBSCRIBE to follow new Uploads WARNING: Always be safe, everything you do is at YOUR OWN RISK! I shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents either. #YouTubeRewind Rewind Rewind 2016 #Rewind YouTubeRewind 2018 Happy new year 2018
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  • Aftab Alam Published on Jul 12, 2020 Or get a new handle for 50 bucks 1
  • Muhammad Abid Published on Jul 01, 2020 Small hole in refrigerator can i use it 1
  • Priyanka Singh Published on Jun 04, 2020 M-seal se glass chipakta h 0
  • Ilyas Hussain58 Published on Apr 22, 2020 Thank you 👈👍👏👌 0
  • Udai Kumar Published on Apr 12, 2020 Thank you dear DIY ! 1
  • Praveen Dwivedi Published on Jun 28, 2019 M seel me position hota hai kya 1
  • Ruby Shukla Published on Jun 21, 2019 Waww mujhe to use karna atha hi nhi tha m seal ka thanx alout 2
  • Nemat Abbasi Published on May 12, 2019 Thank you 1
  • Zaf N Published on Feb 16, 2019 Epoxy glue would have been neater. Good job on getting it sorted tho 2
  • MADHUR BANSAL Published on Dec 08, 2018 What's the cost 1