how to clean chimney at home
MrNams Published on Feb 22, 2017

#MrNams Links to buy item online Caustic Soda: Hand gloves : Please Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Hello friends, Hope you all doing well! In this video, I shall try to show, How to clean kitchen chimney filter (Stove Hood filter) This video tutorial will show an easy way to clean grease and grime from baffle filters. You will need 1) Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) also known as lye and caustic soda 2) Hand gloves Buy them from any nearby hardware shop or online from address given above . Follow below steps to clean baffle filters. 1) Take the baffle filters from the chimney and keep in tray 2) Wear hand gloves and sprinkle caustic soda on the top of the filters 3) Boil water and pour the hot water in the tray, please keep some distance between you and the tray. Because fumes will come while adding hot water don't inhale deeply. 4) Keep it rest for two hours 5) Open the tap water directly on the tray, and wait till see the clear waters on the tray. 6) Now remove baffle filters by gloves wore hands from tray and clean them by water And that’s it, your baffle filters will start sparkling... and will be free out of oil/grease... Please be careful and do not touch Caustic soda with hand. After use, keep Caustic soda locked up and out of the reach of children. THANKS FOR WATCHING. If you enjoyed video, please do like, share and comment. Please SUBSCRIBE to follow new Uploads WARNING: Always be safe, everything you do is at YOUR OWN RISK! I shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents either. #YouTubeRewind Rewind Rewind 2016 #Rewind YouTubeRewind 2018 Happy new year 2018
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  • Naaz Naaz Published on May 20, 2021 Great 0
  • GOUTAM GHOSH Published on Apr 28, 2021 Thank you. Please let me know how to clean the blade of fan 0
  • GOUTAM GHOSH Published on Apr 28, 2021 Thank so much for giving me a permanent solution of cleaning chimney. A service man usually take 600/- once to clean the same. Moreover he is most professional. I asked him about the chemical use for? He replied he manufacturers the same at his home and not available in the market. Now It&#39;s clear to me that it is nothing but NaoH. However once again thank you from ❤️. People must follow your channel. 2
  • Tulika Singhania Published on Mar 18, 2021 Can I do the process in my kitchen sink? 1
  • Sartaj Banu Published on Jan 10, 2021 Thank you so much for this video and it&#39;s very helpful to clean my chimney 0
  • Bhavani Chekuru Published on Nov 24, 2020 From where I buy caustic soda 1
  • Md Kalimullah Published on Nov 05, 2020 Bhai 2 ghnta customer side pe Kya karenge pyaaz chilenge kya 0
  • S J Kolekar Published on Nov 01, 2020 Very simple and practical. I used to pay Rs 500 to 600 every time for servicing. After watching your video, I did the cleaning of baffle plates and body myself better than the service persons. Thank you. Kolekar S J 1
  • Mala Mala Published on Sep 23, 2020 Is costicsoda and baking soda same? 1