How to Change PP Filter or Service R O
MrNams Published on Oct 16, 2017

Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Hello friends, Hope you all doing well! In this video, we will try to learn how to Change PP Filter or Service R O. Sediment RO filter is normally used in first stage of multi stage water filter system. Replacement of Spun/sediment Filter every month can save bigger expenses. Frequently replacing of Spun/Sediment Filter protects RO Membrane and choking of other water filters. Impurities and sediment removal water filters. These are pre filters commonly used to remove dirt, impurities, sediment, rust, slime, sand, grass and grit etc. This video also deals with How to change the pre-filter, or sediment filter, in your PurHome X-5. Simple, easy to follow instructions for a quick and easy filter change PK Aqua PK Aqua 1 Pcs RO Pre-filter open key-Spanner Wrench 10? RO Filter Bowl Hose Pipe THANKS FOR WATCHING. If you enjoyed video, please do like, share and comment. Please SUBSCRIBE to follow new Uploads WARNING: Always be safe, everything you do is at YOUR OWN RISK! I shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents either. #YouTubeRewind Rewind Rewind 2016 #Rewind YouTubeRewind 2018 Happy new year 2018
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  • Naren S Published on Nov 23, 2020 Thank you. In this pandemic time, your video helped us to change filter ourselves. We just bought the filter and followed the instructions in your video. Thank you 1
  • Sunil Karale Published on Sep 09, 2020 खुप छान ..उपयोगी विडिओ 1
  • Siddharth Sharma Published on Jul 23, 2020 For LG 150 NP water purifier which pre filter is recommended and where to buy it from ? 1
  • shivangi's kitchen New Published on May 18, 2020 Thanks for this helpful video 1
  • Neil Mahaseth Published on Mar 30, 2019 Thank you for sharing the trick of using the window grill for support. Without this video I would not be able to open my filter. 4
  • Sanjay Sharma Published on Dec 26, 2018 Iink dijiye kaha se kharede isko 1
  • Sebastian Graah Published on Nov 30, 2018 <b>Excellent product.&gt;&gt;&gt;</b><b><a href=""></a></b><b> Water tastes way better with the RO system. Thanks Nick for the great product. This is my filter after 5 months.</b> 2
  • suresh babu Published on Feb 20, 2018 Where to get tool to open 2
  • vinod parmar Published on Jan 13, 2018 Ro kaam karna kab band hota he aur hame kaise pata chalega 1