cooler water pump repair
MrNams Published on Apr 07, 2020

Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: Hello friends, Hope you all doing well! In this video we will learn to repair air cooler water pump. Watching this video you might be able to get answers to following questions Why is my cooler pump not working? Can a water pump be repaired? What is pump in air cooler? How do you fix a water cooler? Related Queries mr nams,mrnams channel,,mrnams,fan cooler repair,water cooler repair,repair cooler water motor,at home,fan cooler motor,air cooler water pump connection,cooler pump manufacturing,cooler pump generator,cooler water pump connection telugu,air cooler water pump repair tamil,kenstar cooler swing not working,air cooler repair tagalog part 2,symphony cooler wiring connection,symphony diet 50i repair,water pump,water,pump,lockdown,Covid-19,work from home THANKS FOR WATCHING. If you enjoyed video, please do like, share and comment. Please SUBSCRIBE to follow new Uploads WARNING: Always be safe, everything you do is at YOUR OWN RISK! I shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents either. #aircoolerwaterpumprepair #MrNams
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  • Pedro Azevedo Published on Jun 16, 2021 I called Honeywell support about my unit saying &quot;Tank Empty&quot; when it was full of water and they said that I needed a new water pump -- WRONG! This video saved me at least $30 just for the part and I&#39;m sure I would&#39;ve been charged for labor. Thank you 🙏 0
  • Akira N Published on Jun 09, 2021 Thanks allot mene bhi ye dekh kr ghr me hi cooler repair krliya thank u so much bro 1
  • yungoat Published on Jun 09, 2021 Thank you so much for this!!! Just took my pump apart and there was a whole hairball on the spinning axle. Quick clean up replace the pump and we’re good as new! Wife was just talking about buying a new AC 😎 sike! 1
  • Purnima Mintri Published on Jun 08, 2021 Hi no water is getting pulled in honey it the pump prob should i clean it 1
  • Khushi Singh Published on Jun 07, 2021 Omggg I m so happy I fixed the problem.....with the help of this vedio ......very very much thanx😊 1
  • Varshu Gowda Published on May 31, 2021 I made it work ty 1
  • Alexis Yamashita Published on May 26, 2021 Good day sir ilang watts po ang ganyang water pump 0
  • sachin ghantode Published on May 20, 2021 Thanks a lot bro. You saved us from heat at middle of night. Pump wasn&#39;t functioning properly and then your video came to help. Thanks a lot 1
  • lakshminarayana majji Published on May 19, 2021 Thank you so much 😊 0